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How to Stop Your Customers from Fornicating with Your Competitors!

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The more I learn about business, the more I realize that marketing is a lot like being married to a woman.

A woman needs, wants, and desires special attention a lot more than you think to give it to her.

Many marriages end in divorce every year for this very reason. After a few years, the wife feels like her husband just doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. At least not like he used to, when he was trying to win her over.

Giving your spouse frequent attention and lots of “quality time” is what leads to frequent romance. Without frequent romance, the flames of the relationship flicker and die.

The same can be said for your customers…

The key to getting them to spend more money with you is giving them more attention through frequent communication.

They need to hear from you more than just once. More than when you’re chasing after the first sale, or when they’re making a purchase.

They need to hear from you often.

At least once a month. But with today’s technologies, they can easily hear from you virtually everyday for next to nothing. And as long as it’s not the same old boring, bland sales promotions, they’ll welcome it freely.

You may think sending communications every month, week or even everyday is excessive. That they’ll get tired of it. I assure you they won’t. (at least not the good ones)

Kind of like people who listen to the same talk radio host everyday.

Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern both have huge followings for their radio shows – even though to the average listener, it would seem as if they’re both talking the same crap… day in and day out.

Your customers can be the same way. As long as you’ve got something interesting to say, they’ll always be looking forward to your next newsletter, postcard, letter or emails.

But be warned. If you avoid them they’ll be tempted to wander outside the sanctity of marriage. Seeking to satisfy their needs somewhere else.

Fornicating financially with your competitors.

You have to program them to buy from you, and you have to do it the right way.

When executed properly, I’ve seen this strategy turn businesses around almost overnight.

If you want help in turning your customer base into a hyper-responsive gold mine… where they continually purchase more, more frequently, and are much less likely to shop your competitors… than shoot me an email to set up a
Free Marketing Systems Analysis and Strategy Session.

I can help you to  put an iron cage around your customer base and shield them from being pilfered by your competition in short order.

Reply to this email and request one today.

Wayne Brown
Business Growth Strategist/Copywriter/Coach

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