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How We Use Your Contact Information

When your email address is given, we will be the only ones who will use it to communicate with you.

Keep in mind… this is a business and as such, we make money by selling products and services. We strive to make our emails fun, informative and useful — but in many cases, we also intend to sell some type of product or service we believe you may find helpful in your own business.

Making a purchase is not a requirement, and you may stay on our email list and gather free information for as long as you choose to do so. At certain times, we may find it beneficial to run promotions on certain products we have available through our company directly, or from select partners we choose to do business with.

In some situations, we may be paid a fee to promote certain materials from our partners to you, but we only do this with materials we believe you may be interested in, and that we think would be beneficial for you.

We strive to make even the promotional emails entertaining and useful to our subscribers whether or not they choose to take us up on the offer.

Email frequency is typically 3-5 times a week Monday – Friday, but at certain times may be more or less depending on our promotional schedule. We reserve the right to choose how frequently we email, as long as we allow our subscribers to unsubscribe from our list at any time.

Our Use of 3rd Party Software

We never share any of your information with third parties, except those that collect the information for us such as Aweber (email database service) and Paypal (Payment Processing)

These companies are in place to make all of our transactions fast, easy, and more secure.

Through these companies all payments are safely encrypted, and contact information is secured from individuals who may want to send you any unwanted SPAM.

Tracking Technology Usage

In the marketing field, it is very necessary and prudent to track and measure the effectiveness of all of our advertising.

This being the case, harmless tracking cookies are used on our webpages. Be assured, this is standard practice for internet businesses to track and analyze the interests and patterns of individual users purely for business purposes.

Our cookies get stored on your own computer in your own browser and cannot be accessed by anyone but you and us. If you wish, you can turn the option to accept cookies off in your browser.

Some of the technologies we use are Google’s Conversion Optimizer, and Google Analytics. Our website uses cookie technology extensively to increase the relevance and effectiveness of our advertising efforts.

Tracking of Emails:

To the best of our ability, we try to track how often emails are opened and whether or not links inside them are clicked. Not all of this activity can be tracked, and it depends on what email client you use and which settings you chose in your email client.

If you wish not to have your clicks or opens tracked, you may do so by choosing not to receive HTML emails, and receive text only versions. These emails cannot be tracked.

We use 3rd party services which subject us to those strict standards that prohibit us from sending spam illegally. Their extensive anti-spam rules do not allow us to email someone unless they specifically opted-in and requested contact from us

Part of the ICAN standard requires internet marketers to allow subscribers to unsubscribe from receiving email communications at any time they choose… so every single email communication from this website has a link at the bottom allowing you to stop hearing from us at ANY time. If you decide you’ve had enough and wish to no longer hear from us, simply click on the unsubscribe link.

(Note, we also comply to ICAN email standards.)

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