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What is Good Advertising?

What is good advertising?

The late Albert Lasker, the head of one of the largest ad agencies in America during the early 1900’s once asked this question.

You see, Lasker was a brilliant salesman.

A man who had nearly irresistible persuasive powers in person. It is rumored he could sell salt to a slug… ice to an Eskimo… a cross to a vampire… you get the point.

When he wanted to get into advertising to sell products to millions of people at a time, instead of just one… he ran into a peculiar problem.

Despite his silky smooth, in-person persuasiveness, he couldn’t get his printed advertising to sell the same way.

And that’s when he started asking the question we all should ask.

What is good advertising?

Copywriter John E. Kennedy gave what is still to this day the best answer to that question.

Advertising is simply “salesmanship in print”. That’s it.

It’s not a funny commercial… not a catchy jingle… not pretty design… not getting your name “out there”… not creative color schemes… etc…

It’s a 24/7 sales force whose only job is to get you sales and/or leads.

If you’re a small business owner or own a local, professional practice and your advertising is doing anything else, you’re most certainly wasting your money.

There is a time and place for big-brand “awareness” advertising, and it can be valuable if you get to a certain size and have a substantial budget, proven high-converting offer, marketing funnels highly trained sales force already in place…

But let’s be honest.

Most local small businesses aren’t there, and may never get there.

That doesn’t mean they can’t become insanely profitable anyhow.

If you would like additional training and resources on how to create profitable advertising for your business that attracts the attention of your target market, creates desire without cheap sales tricks, and overcomes sales barriers… look no further than my free report “Customers On Demand”. You can get if by simply going here and telling me where to send it:


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