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Why Most Ad Agencies Are a Waste of Time…


I’ve been in the marketing and advertising field for over 7 years and have an interesting observation…

When it comes to advertising, most business owners these days are so misinformed that they depend on advertising reps and ad agencies to do their advertising for them.

In fact, if it wasn’t for a sales rep for money mailer or the local paper or some other outfit coming by to make sales calls, many of them wouldn’t advertise at all.

Even though marketing (and sales) is the only real thing that makes a business money.

What makes this situation even more sad, is the fact that most ad agencies and design departments of media outlets are completely inept and pretty much worthless to anyone with less than $20K/mo to spend on advertising.

They get by leading unsuspecting business owners to their demise, by selling them on the idea of “image advertising”.

The idea that simply presenting a professional image, neat logo and constant repetition will one day build a million dollar “brand”.

Even after they talk a business owner into running a beautiful, full page ad with great sounding fluff — that doesn’t even generate a sale, lead or even a phone call… they stick with this foolish idea that if you run the ad enough times it will eventually work.

The only thing more absurd is that so many business owners believe it and write another massive check to perpetuate the foolishness.

Most ad agencies don’t track or care about sales generated for their ads… they only care about getting you to spend more money on advertising because they make a big commission on the sale of the ad space.

Good news for them… bad news for you.

Unless you learn what advertising is really about. SALES.

The only purpose for running any ad, is to make money.

Whether that be through selling products in the ad directly, generating interested leads to follow up with by mail or phone… or quality appointments for a face to face sales team, the end result is the same.

Success or failure is determined by the amount of money it puts in the bank and nothing else.

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Wayne Brown
Business Growth Strategist/Copywriter/Coach

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